114. Money March Pt. 1 – THREE NUMBERS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
114. Money March Pt. 1 – THREE NUMBERS YOU NEED TO KNOW!

Welcome to Money March 2022! If you’re interested in making money moves, you have to know where you stand. This is the first episode of a five part series and we are starting with the essentials. Today you’ll learn about the three numbers you need to know in order to frame your current financial snapshot. If you have money goals, you must start with a clear and honest picture of where you are now. You must start here… To get “there”!

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The three numbers you NEED TO KNOW to get (and stay) on top of your finances
  • What to include (and not include) when calculating your fixed expenses
  • What AGI is, and how to find it on previous years tax returns
  • The difference between good and bad debt


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Call the IRS: 1-800-829-1040

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