Ep. #108 How to Think Like a Boss with Maud Arnold

Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
Words That Move Me with Dana Wilson
Ep. #108 How to Think Like a Boss with Maud Arnold

Let’s say this episode is a grocery store…  It has one of a kind quirky goodies with a focus on affordability like Trader Joes, it’s ALL organic like Whole Foods, it’s direct from the source like a Farmers Market, and it is HIGH FREAKN QUALITY like Erewhon (which ironically gets a shout out today).  The only difference is that this episode is FREE… but it really is a one stop shop. This episode has everything that might be on your list for self improvement and career navigation INCLUDING 

-my future self technique

– The difference between finding the silver lining and toxic positivity

– Thoughts on gratitude and being a team player while climbing the crew list ladder

– Navigating your offers to work for free 

– Using a Money Diary to save and spending intentionally 

Enjoy filling up your heart cart with Maud!


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