Brilliant, or Bogus?

One of my favorite things about art, and dance in particular, is that it is completely open to interpretation.
Beauty (or lack of) is in the eye of the beholder…

Behold: SSS, a film by Henry Hills featuring Sally Silvers, Pooh Kaye, Harry Shepperd, Lee Katz, Kumiko Kimoto, David Zambrano, Ginger Gillespie, Mark Dendy, and others.  The film was shot in the streets of New York’s East Village, and is synched to music previously improvised for the project at Noise New York by Tom Cora (cello), Christian Marclay (turntables), and Zeena Parkins (harp).

What is YOUR take? Is it brilliant? Is it bogus?  Is it more than moves to YOU???

“Shaping Sound” and Sharing Happiness

I believe that (much like puppies) humans are born with the instinct to play and act on the things that excite us.  I get bummed when humans get discouraged from following that instinct.  We are punished for making a mess with our toys as children.  Then the media tells us what to be intereseted in.  Our child like enthusiasm is dampened by the stresses and daunting elements of the “real world”.

Fortunately I don’t live in the “real world”.  I live in a world where adults can PLAY and create things… even messes!  We can explore the world… with our thumbs!… and chances are once we find the things that excites us most, we can SHARE it, and It will most likely excite others too!

It’s a beautiful “surreal world” and I am extremely happy to share it with such talented people…

On Dec. 13th, Travis Wall, and Break the Floor productions put on a show to share with everyone.  My favorite part of “Shaping Sound, Come Together” wasn’t a move, or a number, or a person, but the moment where I could audibly hear (with my auritory ears… name that movie) Travis’ outburst of laughter over a dub step version of “Stand by Me” which was danced as a trio with Teddy Forance and Nick Lazzarini… just a few of my faves 😉

On Tuesday, May 8th, at 8:00pm  at the beautiful Saban Theatre – 8440 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211,  the Shaping Sounds family is doing it all over again;-) I wonder what my favorite part will be this time? I wonder what YOUR favorite part will be?!?

Travis, Thank you for playing, exploring, and sharing what makes you happy… because it made me happy too.