Curse you Donna Summer!

OHHHHH DONNA SUMMER….. curse you for making a song so funky as “ Last Dance”.  Curse my love of that SUPER FUNKY song… and curse the funky pas de bourrett that took me down this morning at approx. 9:42am (eastern time) in front of a captive audience of 200+ Bostonians between age 13 and 18.

I guess it is a lie to say that Donna Summer, or the song, or even the step itself took me down… It is actually a lie to say that I went down.  Better to say… my ankle went AROUND… to places it is not supposed to go.  Really they say “did you roll your ankle” I would say I went bowling with it… and I got a steeerike… or would it be a gutter ball?  I don’t know … this metaphor isn’t really accurate.  I digress..

Today, just after my ankle made a complete 360 degree rotation underneath my complete and entire bodyweight, I had a moment., a flash, a realization if you will… that This is TEMPORARY and by this I mean my body.  You MUST be careful with it and treat it well! I don’t want to get too deep on you here at the top of the show… I just want to take a moment and publicaly, formally, and musically:  address how lucky and grateful I am for this body, in this time and place, with these people and this passion.  I apologize for the singing… I am trying to make the most of this time off of my foot by discovering and nurturing other talents. I promise not to sing anymore if you promise to take a second and be greatful for what you’ve got… even if it is two left feet;-)

It’s a good day to dance…. But I’m gunna sit this one out… Ill be back better than ever in no time.