I’m Dana. I dance, I choreograph, I teach, I coach, I talk… about DANCE!  You might have seen me getting down with Justin Timberlake at the Super Bowl Halftime Show, or in the famous opening scene of La La Land, and get ready to catch some my of choreography for the film adaptation of the Broadway hit, “In The Heights”!  I also act on TV and in commercials and I love using humor and dance to make people happy with The Seaweed Sisters.  Oh, and I have a knack for teaching. Take my class on NYCDA or get to know me by reading more below.


Dana Wilson is a bright and vivacious content creator, choreographer, movement coach, instructor, and performer.  Although she is best known for her work alongside Justin Timberlake,  Dana’s feature in Dance Magazine declares her “Anything But A Backup Dancer”.  She has been a part of JT’s creative team since 2007, and recently contributed choreography to the feature film adaptation of the Broadway hit “In the Heights”. 

While working in TV, Film, and along side pop industry megastars,  Dana also makes up one third of the wildly original and imaginative group The Seaweed Sisters adored and admired by a wide range of audiences from toddlers and their parents perusing YouTube, to the screens of the Cascadia International Women’s Film Festival). 

In the digital world, Dana got GoPro’s attention for her 365 consecutive daily videos on Instagram (@danadaners), and shortly after, established a relationship with 360 camera Ricoh Theta as a content creator and influencer.  Her appetite for capturing and sharing is on par with her love of dance, so Dana is constantly experimenting with new technologies and techniques (like 360 degree video capture and editing, VR, and Drones).   

Dana has been an instructor for over 13 years and recently started her own training/ performing company, “The Bureau of Nonverbal Communication” (aka The BoNC) to investigate, exercise, and share dance on a conceptual level.  In a boldly nostalgic style, The BoNC says what nobody else is saying… with their tongue firmly placed in cheek. 

With a refined yet bizarre style, thoughtful and fresh voice, and healthy dose of humor, Dana illuminates everything she crosses from the worlds biggest stages to smallest cell phone screens.



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